Marcel van Domburgh
Program Manager - Global Clients

Convenience is becoming one of the key requirements for security systems and processes – particularly when it comes to access control. This is why we offer a wide range of best-of-breed integrations that help make life easier for those using and managing AEOS systems. And where better to let people experience the convenience of AEOS than at our offices?

Giving visitors a smooth ride

Last year, we integrated a visitor management system with AEOS at our headquarters in Groenlo. We want to ensure visitors, employees, and any other people coming to our premises, enjoy a straightforward, seamless process from start to finish.

The experience begins the moment you make an appointment with a Nedap employee. You receive an email invite containing all the details you need, including the:

  • Name of your host.
  • Date and time of your appointment.
  • Location of your appointment.
  • Parking instructions.
  • QR code for gaining access.

Check in & out at a kiosk

When you arrive at reception, you go to a kiosk and check in using the QR code sent to you. Once you’ve checked in, your host is notified that you’ve arrived and will come to reception to welcome you.

If you’re not pre-registered or haven’t got your QR code available, you can still check in at the kiosk – you just need to enter your information rather than simply scanning the QR code. The same applies to any regulations, agreements, or terms and conditions you need to process. If you’re pre-registered, they’ll be sent for you to sign or confirm agreement or compliance with before you arrive. If you’re not pre-registered, you can do this as part of your check-in procedure at the kiosk.

Before leaving the building, having hopefully enjoyed your visit to our newly renovated offices, you return to the kiosk to check out.

Elevating the visitor experience

Going global & adding licence-plate recognition

Currently, we’ve only implemented this visitor management integration at our headquarters. But we plan to roll it out to all our offices across the world.

We’d also like to take it further by implementing license-plate recognition from our friends at Nedap Identification Systems. This would make the flow even smoother and faster if you’re arriving by car. When you enter the car park, your license plate is recognised, and your host is notified that you’ve arrived. They can then head to reception ready for when you’ve completed the check-in process, rather than you having to wait for them.

We see this as a professional, hospitable way of welcoming visitors. Not to mention a great way for people to experience the power of AEOS without realising it. It also makes it easier to explain to visitors what we do at Nedap – because real security is when you don’t need to think about it.

Benefits for building management & reception

Of course, it’s not only visitors that benefit when a visitor management system is integrated with our AEOS access control system. The building management team can quickly and easily see who’s in the building if there’s any emergency or evacuation. And receptionists have more time to focus on providing hospitality and personal attention to visitors. Our receptionists much prefer chatting with visitors, rather than trying to reach hosts to let them know their visitors have arrived.

This integration with AEOS also means our receptionists don’t need to enter a visitor’s personal data. Their profile is automatically created in AEOS once it’s set up in the visitor management system, so our receptionist can quickly print a badge for them. Or the visitor can use the QR code supplied as an identifier.

Do you have a visit to our headquarters coming up? We’d love to hear what you think of our visitor experience. Don’t be shy – please share any feedback and suggestions you have with us!

And we welcome you to explore the possibilities with us. AEOS is based entirely on open standards so that you can partner with a great set of companies to make your integrations happen!

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