Maikel Coenen
Maikel Coenen
Tech Lead

The team at Nedap Security Management has some exciting news to share: We’ve teamed up with Apple to enable support for access badges in Apple Wallet.

What this means for Nedap customers

By incorporating access badges into the Apple Wallet, Nedap customers can experience an unprecedented level of security and convenience when accessing their buildings and facilities.

Adding their access badges to the Apple Wallet allows users to simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near an NFC-compatible reader to unlock access to their workspaces, utilize lockers, and more, thereby eliminating the need to launch an app or present a traditional plastic access badge.

With Express Mode, employees are spared the need to unlock their devices in order to use their badge in Apple Wallet. Even when an iPhone runs out of battery charge, employees can still gain access to their office or amenity areas for up to five hours thanks to Power Reserve.

Access badges stored in Apple Wallet leverage the extensive privacy and security features embedded in the iPhone and Apple Watch. When the badge is used in Apple Wallet, the information is never shared with Apple nor stored on Apple servers. If an iPhone or Apple Watch goes missing, the device owner can swiftly utilize the Find My app to secure the device and assist in its location.

At launch, support for employee badges in Apple Wallet will be available to Nedap customers via both direct sales and channel partners in select European regions, to be announced.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this solution!


"We are thrilled to work with Apple to merge security and convenience by integrating an access badge into the Apple Wallet. This alliance reinforces our dedication to ceaseless innovation and development, invariably aiming to enhance the value our solutions bring to people in their professional lives."

Maikel Coenen, Tech Lead Nedap

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