Earlier this year, me and my colleagues were part of a wonderful project that truly shows what can happen when dedicated professionals join forces.

Capturing an inspiring story

On a cold day in March, we set out to our client, Swinkels Family Brewers, to shoot a film in which we share the story of this famous Dutch enterprise. In the next couple of months, we’ll reveal more of this inspiring story.

Unifying access control worldwide

Swinkels – founded in 1773 and currently located in Lieshout – decided to unify its access control worldwide by implementing our AEOS system. It operates in combination with the GuestManager© card system of Nedap’s Technology partner Q10. Both high-end systems strongly contribute to Swinkels’ operations and our client particularly appreciates the level of flexibility AEOS offers.

We set out to make a movie that brings to life what AEOS means to Swinkels. In addition to the Nedap team, the film crew consisted of people from advertising agency Doorrood, production company Vetfilm, director Joas Burggraaf and, of course, an actor. I’d like to give you a brief impression of the day.

Behind the scenes

We were very impressed with the support from the Swinkels team. As well as giving us an extensive tour of the premises, we were allowed to shoot in the offices, the cafeteria and the beautiful old brewery. It’s no longer operational, but you can feel the impressive family history throughout the building.

Welcomed by the family themselves

At one point during the day, we noticed a small group of people observing our work with great interest. They turned out to be members of the Swinkels family and shared some great stories with us and made us feel very welcome. We were also allowed to visit the laboratory and production facilities, but – for obvious reasons – had to leave our camera outside.

See a sneak preview

It was a great day, which resulted in a great video. The end result will be presented to you soon, but we already have a sneak preview available for you. Let us know what you think!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank the entire crew for their great job. And a special thank you to the Swinkels family and team, who invited us to their ‘home’.

Roos van Groenewoud

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