Timon Padberg
Timon Padberg
Global Clients Manager

When it comes to a service like our Enterprise Programme there’s always the temptation to think of it as a nice-to-have rather than an essential. If a budget is being squeezed, project management might seem like an obvious place to make cuts because, after all, you can do it yourself…can’t you?

What we’re finding from companies already using the Enterprise Programme, however, is quite the opposite. It’s proved to be crucial for standardising security internationally – not just in terms of increasing effectiveness but also in improving efficiency.

Our programme is a project management method that streamlines a global security rollout. It’s designed to make it easy for multinationals to implement, maintain and update AEOS (our access control system) across their buildings around the world. And it offers a host of really tangible commercial benefits.


Increased efficiency & cost savings

One of the main commercial benefits of the Enterprise Programme is you get the increased efficiency of running a tried and tested process. By unifying your security policies, systems and project management internationally, it saves you time and money in several ways.

Avoid setup costs per site
We ensure that setup planning and investment in your system is as centralised as possible (so you don’t have to repeat so many tasks for each individual project). Once the setup is complete, it’s established for your entire enterprise.

Economies of scale and centralisation
When you have one system with shared services, you can make significant savings on operational and maintenance costs. You only have one unified database to maintain, for example, and you can set up a global support service and centralised training. Want to link your access control to your HR database? You’ll only need to do it once.

Faster implementation
We mastermind your rollout centrally, on your behalf, and have years of experience in planning and coordinating AEOS implementations. We also have the specific tooling and budget estimators needed for this type of project. Our security design configurator is specifically developed to help you in defining your zoning model and selecting the right access control equipment for each door.
This all helps to ensure any impact on each of your locations is as short-lived as possible, so business can go on as usual.

Cost-effective project & programme management
Handling the global rollout of a security system is something that few people have to face during their career. Because we’re doing it day-in-day-out we have longstanding systems to improve efficiency. And we use extensive reporting at different levels to keep all your teams up to date with the information relevant to them – whether they need a strategic global overview or the details on a local site.

Minimise mistakes
Local installations are repetitive, so we use models and templates such as standard proposal and calculation documents. This means we can run a scalable process that ensures uniformity across your sites and achieves a consistently high quality of implementation for you.

Budgets are easier to predict & control

Our Enterprise Programme is designed to ensure monitoring and control during every step of your rollout. By running a standardised programme with carefully planned steps, you can keep a much better grip on budgets. We know how each project will be run, and have the tooling to calculate it, so we can also give you much more accurate estimate of the cost projections up front.

Local compliancy

With local coordination handled centrally, the Enterprise Programme ensures you’re well protected at all of your locations. Although your standardised design is implemented at each of your sites, it’s straightforward to adapt it to any relevant rules or regulations. AEOS has the capability to ensure you’re GDPR compliant, for example, and we can help you set things up so you’re in line with this.

Always up to date

A central system is much easier to update and maintain comparing it to an architecture with several separate systems. We offer a service level agreement to support your access control system globally, which keeps you up to date with changes in technology, and ensures you stay both secure by design and cyber secure. AEOS gives you the flexibility and scalability to adapt your access control to any future needs.

Increased safety & convenience

With sites around the world, it can be difficult to know where there are gaps in your security. We take care of this to ensure you have the protection you need at each location. With seamless, worldwide access control, your people are able to use just one corporate badge wherever they are. Which not only increases security – it’s much more convenient for them to move through and between your sites too.

Brand protection

Poorly implemented access control can pose a threat to your employees, visitors, customers, property and even your data or intellectual property. Which can be very damaging to your brand and can, in turn, affect your bottom line. The Enterprise Programme helps you to ensure you have a robust security system around the world that’s in line with your brand strategy.

Security for life

Ultimately, the Enterprise Programme turns what can be a very complex process into a valuable opportunity. It’s a great example of our ‘Security for life’ philosophy, which hinges on the human side of security. Because, for us, security isn’t just about technology – it’s about people and how they live their daily lives. The Enterprise Programme helps to give your people the freedom and safety they need to live fearlessly and with confidence. So they can make the most of each day and boost not only their own development and fulfilment but increase their productivity and achievements for your business too.

Want to know more about what the Enterprise Programme could offer you from a commercial perspective? I’d love to hear from you at Timon.padberg@nedap.com


The Enterprise Programme has been nominated as a finalist in this year’s GIT Security Awards. If you’re already a fan and would like to vote for us, you can do so at www.security-award.com until 23 August 2019. Thanks in advance!


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