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Wesley Keegstra
Technology Partner Manager

As you may already be aware, AEOS 2023.1 is live. And today, we’re shining the light on the top 5 features of AEOS 2023.1 for end users. So, if you’re an end user, then this is for you!

In this release, we remain focused on the future and putting people first. It’s the result of our continued investment in research and development to ensure that AEOS is always fit for purpose and up to date.

So without further ado, let’s get to your Top 5 features and benefits of the AEOS 2023.1 release.

Top 5 features of the AEOS 2023.1 for end users



1. Disable inactive system users automatically

  • Benefit: Convenience, Efficiency, Security, Compliance

Fact: Inactive user accounts are a security risk since they could be used by an attacker or a former employee.

So, with this release, accounts of users who haven’t logged in to AEOS for a certain period of time, can now be disabled automatically. This will help to further improve system security.

We’ve added this option to the “maintain user” and the “maintain user template” menu items in AEOS. By default, these inactive system users are disabled after 90 days. But you can further limit this time according to your security policy.


Screenshot of AEOS Maintain User Template Configurations

👆 Maintain user/user template: Disable inactive system users


If a user account is disabled, this will be logged in the AEOS audit trail and the account will be marked as “disabled” in the Management > System users > Maintain user menu item. Please note that this default value only applies to new users and new user templates (not copies). Existing users won’t be disabled automatically until you update their settings.


2. AEOS and privacy: More flexibility in managing personal data

  • Benefit: Convenience, Efficiency, Security, Compliance

Fact: The reality of what “privacy” means is constantly evolving. This holds true for access control systems. That is why we keep track of the relevant changes and apply them in AEOS, if and when necessary.

With AEOS you can determine per carrier type how long carrier data (e.g. firstname, lastname, email, etc.) are retained. You can delete now only carriers who have left the company after a certain number of days. Previously, the period for removing the carrier data was set in months. With the release of AEOS 2023.1, it can now be specified in days.

You can also generate an extended and complete audit trail if this is something your company policy requires. To comply with more stringent privacy policies, these audit trails can be deleted after a period. Thanks to AEOS 2023.1, your organisation is now in more control of managing relevant privacy regulations.


👆 Improved delete/erase options in AEOS System properties


👆 Remove generated reports via AEOS System properties


Reports may also contain personal data. That’s why we’ve added a system property to remove generated reports after a certain number of days (system property 20.05).


3. Dashboard: Send card numbers to the announce screens in transparent mode

  • Benefit: Convenience, Efficiency, Security, Compliance

Fact: A device reader can send scanned card numbers directly to the AEOS “announce” screens. This saves receptionists time and prevents typing errors when entering the complete card number, which can be very long.

Device readers (other than the USB desktop reader) need a component on the AEpu to send the scanned card number to AEOS announce screens. Previously, this device reader component only worked correctly in the AEOS Maintenance interface.

With AEOS 2023.1, it also works in the AEOS Dashboard!

This means you can now use transparent card readers for this purpose at the reception desk (instead of desktop card readers that store encryption keys). Card readers that operate in transparent mode don’t contain sensitive data—the risk of retrieving sensitive data from the card reader is eliminated.


4. New “Guard” role and template in AEOS Locker Management

  • Benefit: Convenience, Efficiency, Security

Fact: AEOS 2023.1 contains lots of useful additions to AEOS Blue Locker Management.

But today, we’d like to highlight the new “Guard” role and template.


👆 Guard templates in AEOS. Guards can assist other locker users without having full “Supervisor” permissions.


The Guard template is comparable to the Supervisor template, but with limited permissions. Guards can open lockers assigned to other users, but can’t release, block, or unblock them—a useful feature when you want guards to help out other locker users without giving those guards full Supervisor permissions.


5. More search options for free fields that are dates or times

  • Benefit: Convenience, Efficiency

Fact: Previously, you could only search on an exact date when the date/time field was a free field.

With this release, you can now use a time range in your searches, just like you can with regular AEOS date/time fields, when using free fields that are a date (or a date/time). This might not sound like a big deal, but we’ve been getting virtual high-fives from near and far. Cheers to convenience and efficiency!

We hope these five features (of many) that we shared with you are as exciting to you as they are to us. You can always keep up on what’s to come on our YouTube channel as well.

Stay tuned for more “Top 5 features for end users” in the future!

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