Physical Access Control for FMCG

As an organisation with factories producing consumer goods, you want to ensure the safety and security of everyone on your sites. But each location has different risks, needs and regulations, and you need to enforce your company’s overarching policies and procedures too. You also need to manage complex authorisations for people and vehicles and respond quickly if there’s an incident.


Typical access control needs

  • A system that’s easy to use, adapt and integrate with other systems
  • Streamlined access control for vehicles as well as people
  • Enforce strict safety procedures and enable transparent auditing
  • Remote, centralised control for locations around the world
  • Flexible security levels for different people, places and scenarios

Key access control challenges for the FMCG sector

Take control of traffic flow

As well as your employees, you probably have a high number of other people on your sites each day, including seasonal staff and delivery drivers. You want these people to comply with your procedures, but only access certain areas of your premises and for a set time. If they stray outside of this, you need to be alerted immediately.

You also want to set authorisations according to your changing shift patterns. And you want to easily identify vehicles, as well as people, and ensure specific routes and smooth traffic flow – however busy a site is.


High standards for health and safety

Production facilities can be hazardous, and health and safety risks can increase if vehicles or machinery are involved or staff are inexperienced. So your physical access control system must support you in enforcing your policies, as well as complying with an increasingly wide range of regulations.

You may need to set and enforce occupancy levels, for example, or rules such as manager first. You want to ensure the right ratio of first aiders per zone and set predefined emergency responses that can be triggered quickly and automatically. And you need to be able to analyse your access control data and produce clear, detailed reports for auditing.


Establish unified, adaptable control

To enable standardised policies and procedures, cap costs and make management easier, you want to centralise physical access control. And integrate your new system seamlessly with a variety of other systems, such as your HR database, time and attendance tracking, visitor management, lockers and CCTV.

As you have facilities of different types and in various locations, you want the flexibility to make local variations. And you want to be able to adapt and scale your access control system according to your changing needs.

How AEOS helps you meet these challenges

Ensure security, safety and compliance

  • Take full control of traffic flow and occupancy, even when there are large volumes of people.
  • Manage complex access rights and authorisations quickly, easily and securely.
  • Enforce policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with strict regulations and legislation.
  • Predefine access modes for an unlimited variety of scenarios and switch to the one you need in seconds.
  • Use data to spot emerging risks and manage them better.

Centralised control

  • Control access to all sites on one system and manage it remotely.
  • Standardise each location but have the flexibility to make local adaptations.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure and third-party systems – from fire detection to biometric identification.

Flexible and easy to use

  • Highly adaptable ­– functionally and operationally – to respond to your changing needs and risks.
  • Intelligent, intuitive easy to use for security managers, receptionists, guards and cardholders.
  • Streamlined access control for vehicles as well as people.
  • Import data from your HR database, rather than entering manually, to save time and prevent errors.

Very scalable
A fully scalable system, it’s easy to add new locations, doors, users and functionality around the world.

Freedom to easily adapt, expand and add integrations to your system.

Secured by the highest standards to protect your access control from the impact of cyberattacks.

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