Physical Access Control for Oil and Gas

As oil and gas are critical energy sources, this sector faces an increased risk of terrorist and other attacks, so high security levels are essential at every stage – upstream, midstream and downstream. And your systems must be able to adapt to meet new and changing risks.

Working environments can also be hazardous, so it’s vital you ensure high levels of safety and comply with rigorous regulations and legislation. And there are often high volumes of traffic from employees, contractors, visitors and vehicles, which you need to manage efficiently and safely.

Arriving on time, every time

Typical access control needs

  • Enforce strict safety and security procedures.
  • Centralised control and remote management.
  • Clear reporting and transparent auditing to prove compliance.
  • Easy to use and integrate with other systems.
  • Able to cope with high volumes of complex authorisations.

Key access control challenges for the oil and gas sector

High levels of risk

Even a minor incident can cause a major disruption to your services, and some can have devastating consequences. So you need to implement policies that ensure the highest standards of security, health and safety, and enforce growing numbers of standards, regulations and legislation that are constantly evolving.

Your access control system must have the flexibility to quickly adapt to these emerging needs. And you must be able to define and implement the latest encryption standards on both your cards and readers without vendors having to be involved.

Centralising control and many integrations

To help keep security and safety high, and improve efficiency, you want a centralised system. So you can manage and monitor access and authorisations remotely for multiple locations. Every site must be protected by the same standardised system but with the option to make local adaptations.

To maximise your access control system’s effectiveness and value, you also want to seamlessly integrate a range of other technologies. For example, visitor management, biometric identification, destination control for lifts, PSIM, long-range readers for vehicle identification, HR and ERP databases and CCTV.

Large volumes of people and vehicles

Many of your sites attract lots of traffic, including contractors, visitors and vehicles as well as employees. So you need a robust system that can handle a large number of events and complex authorisations profiles, while also being easy to use.

You want to be able to be able to enrol and manage an unlimited number of people and vendors efficiently using intuitive workflows. And, to prove your compliance, your system must be very traceable. So you can easily analyse the data it provides and produce clear, detailed reports.

How AEOS helps you meet these challenges

Highly secure and safe

  • Enforce policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with strict regulations and legislation.
  • Manage complex access rights and authorisations quickly, easily and securely.
  • Ensure a high level of encryption with no vendor lock-in.

Centralised and integrated

  • Monitor an unlimited number of locations centrally and control access rights remotely.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure and third-party systems, thanks to architecture based on open standards.
  • Creates an easy-to-manage hub for systems including visitor, locker and building management, video surveillance, intruder alarms, fire detection, biometric identification and more.
  • Freedom to integrate your choice of readers and other hardware.

Flexible and easy to use

  • Highly adaptable, both functionally and operationally, to meet your changing needs and risks.
  • Control access according to factors such as job roles, departments, days, times, locations and more.
  • Import data from your HR and ERP systems rather than inputting it manually to save time and prevent errors.
  • Manage an unlimited number of vendors and the people working for them, easily and efficiently.


Regular software updates and a high level of adaptability, so it will always meet your needs.

Scales easily

A fully scalable system, it’s easy to add new locations, doors and users around the world.


Secured by the highest standards to protect your access control from the impact of cyberattacks.

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