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At Nedap Identification Systems, we believe a great visit starts with a welcoming experience at the gate. It is often a challenge to manage vehicle access for registered users such as staff or contractors and visitors that come and go on a non-frequent basis. Based on our in depth knowledge and expertise of vehicle access we support AEOS partners in finding solutions for your customers’ most challenging cases when it comes to vehicle identification processes by offering a broad product portfolio of high performance long-range RFID, UHF and License Plate Recognition solutions.

Integration description

Seamless integration between AEOS and Nedap’s Vehicle Identification Products offers a total solution for access control starting from when the vehicle arrives from the public zones into the private regulated zone resulting in the most complete and relevant security solution for the entire facility. Vehicle access is fully incorporated in the AEOS user interface.

  • Long range RFID and UHF solutions: TRANSIT and uPASS portfolio integrated via Wiegand or OSDP.
  • License plate recognition solution: ANPR Lumo integrated via Wiegand, OSDP and TCP/IP with AEOS visitor management.
  • Mobile and card solutions: NVITE with QR integrated with AEOS visitor management.

Integration document AEOS – NEDAP IDS

Integration QR code – AEOS

  • Touchless identification at the gate will be considered as ‘the new normal’ to comply with health and security requirements.
  • One single credential for highly secure vehicle and building access. Credential integration using the Booster for long-range driver identification.
  • Free-flow vehicle access enables fast throughput and avoids queuing at the gate. Specifically at hours when traffic volumes are at their highest peak ensuring a frictionless entry and exit process at the gate.
  • Advanced vehicle and driver identification facilitates vehicle access at the gate and throughout the entire site for diverse user groups such as staff, visitors and contractors.


Solutions TRANSIT is Nedap’s proven platform for automatic identification of vehicles and drivers, specifically designed to perform in high security applications and under harsh environmental conditions, offering long-range identification for perimeter security and identification of taxis, ambulances, buses and trucks.

uPASS is Nedap’s vehicle and people identification platform based on UHF RFID technology. Specifically designed for convenient yet secure access control in every parking facility, gated community and campus.

ANPR Lumo is Nedap’s all-in-one license plate recognition solution, designed for vehicle access and registration applications where it is not desired to issue RFID tags. ANPR is the perfect solution for situations where vehicles need to be granted access temporarily or incidentally.

NVITE is Nedap’s multi-technology reader for contactless identification and visitor management at the vehicle gate which can easily be extended to pedestrian gates and buildings doors.

Compatible with ANPR Lumo from AEOS version 2019.1.3 onwards, the IpBadge AEbc supports the ANPR Lumo. To connect an ANPR Lumo camera to AEOS via RS485, use an AP7031 AEOS Blue door interface in combination with the Generic Message Mapper AEbc.

TRANSIT and uPASS integration with AP7021 and AP7803 using Wiegand communication.

NVITE is integrated into the AEOS visitor management system from AEOS version 3.4 and higher. The NVITE QR functionality is applied to provide easy access for visitors without the need to issue a card. Within the AEOS visitor management system a visitor can be announced and a QR can be sent via email to the visitor automatically. Upon reaching the office the QR on the phone can be presented to the NVITE reader to allow access to the car park.

TRANSIT Ultimate automatic vehicle identification



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