We develop our products and services around the people that will use them. So we’re very focused on learning about the challenges people face in their daily business lives. We also see it as our responsibility to help overcome challenges – not just by selling products and services, but by sharing expert knowledge.

The right access control can change the way people work and live and bring valuable commercial benefits. But it’s a significant investment and you want to choose a system that can keep pace as your organisation and the world evolves. So what risks do you need to protect against? What’s your long-term vision?

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It’s all too easy to stick with an outdated, ineffective access control system because switching to a new one feels too daunting. Our 10-step migration process guides you from goal setting to installation to maintenance.

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“Remember, access control isn’t just about controlling access. By bringing freedom to everyday life, it can help you boost productivity, creativity and performance – and even happiness and fulfilment.”

When you need to protect people, places and possessions around the world, there’s a lot to consider. How can you increase convenience and mobility? Should your security be centralised or decentralised? Our Global Client Programme will help you answer all these questions and more.

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Timon Padberg
Timon Padberg