Grow your business by

becoming a Nedap Channel Partner

Our Channel Partners reap the rewards of being the only integrators we work with – they’re the only businesses authorised to buy, install and maintain AEOS, our access control system. Could you be one of them?

Why we have Channel Partners

Our ultimate aim is to give end customers what we call Security for life – the freedom to get the most from each day without being concerned about security. To achieve this, as well as offering an advanced access control system that fulfils their changing needs, we need to ensure the very best integration service.

By only working with integrators we’ve assessed and certified, we can assure a high quality of design, implementation and maintenance for AEOS systems. Which means we’re free to focus on research and development so we can continue to improve AEOS for integrators and their customers.

Our four Channel Partner levels

Our channel partner network has four levels so you can make the right kind of commitment for you. They are:

1. Certified Partner

A Certified Partner has a basic technical knowledge of AEOSI access control products and is accredited to sell, install, commission and service AEOS products. They get access to our helpdesk and valuable technical and commercial documents and a personal partner page on our website.

2. Advanced Partner

An Advanced partner builds on the Certified partner qualifications and is able to create additional value for customers with AEOS products. Through our AEOS Academy training programme, they’ve gained knowledge of additional topics. So they can offer, for example, more sophisticated access control solutions or apply an intrustion functionality in an AEOS system, and can build custom integrations with third party systems.

3. Expert Partner

An Expert Partner builds on the Advanced Partner qualifications and has extensive knowledge of AEOS products.

4. Alliance Partner

An Alliance Partner builds further on the Expert Partner qualifications. They also guarentee end customers a seamless colloboration with Nedap by selling AEOS as the sole access control product in their portfolio.

The benefits of being a Nedap Channel Partner

Business growth

Not every integrator that applies to become a Nedap Channel Partner makes the grade. If you do, it’s a point of difference you can promote, and you can extend your portfolio as an authorised AEOS integrator. We also create opportunities for your growth by generating demand for AEOS through marketing and direct contact.


As a Channel Partner, you can take advantage of the rewards we offer, which are very transparant and related to our four Channel Partner levels.

Training & certification

Each of our four Channel Partner levels links to specific training and certification. Which makes it easier for you to gain more technical knowledge and grow in our network. We invest in providing you with training that includes digital learning, classroom courses and more, ranging from entry to expert level.

Collaboration & support

Our Channel Partners are valuable business allies who we collaborate closely with to achieve strong results for them, for us, and for our end customers. It’s a long-term relationship based on trust and we invest heavily in it, offering expert support at every stage. This includes commercial assistance, online access to an extensive range of technical documents and support from certified AEOS engineers.

Global opportunities

Organisations buying AEOS systems have implementations across the world. So, wherever you’re based, there are opportunities for you to work with us and stand out as an AEOS expert in your market.


Clear roles for efficient working

To ensure we work together efficiently, with defined boundaries, we’re clear on our role and the role we expect our Channel Partners to take.

Our Channel Partners’ role is to

  • Actively sell AEOS to end customers.
  • Design, install and commission AEOS installations.
  • Respond independently to requests for information (RFIs) and procurement (tenders).
  • Provide end-customer training.
  • Provide support, software upgrades and a helpdesk to end customers.
  • Act as an installation partner in the context of framework agreements between Nedap and end customers.

Our role is to

  • Develop and produce AEOS hardware and software.
  • Create demand through proactive marketing targeted at consultants and selected organisations.
  • Respond to requests for information (RFIs) – either independently or with a Channel Partner.
  • Enter into framework agreements with (multinational) end customers on behalf of Channel Partners, where appropriate.
  • Support channel partners during the pre-sales, project and after-sales phases.
  • Provide support and helpdesk access for Channel Partners.
  • Provide second-line support for end customers if there’s a framework agreement.
  • Provide technical and commercial training for Channel Partners.

It’s a long-term relationship that we and you must be willing to invest in. While we don”t offer exclusivity to you, we don’t ask for it either. We believe it’s up to us to prove that AEOS is the best choice for access control and we’re the kind of business partner you can grow with.



Interested in becoming a Nedap Channel Partner? Get in touch today.