Keeping high standards with a

certified network of partners

We believe successful security solutions aren’t created by high quality products alone. The quality and attention to detail must follow through to a systems’ design, implementation and maintenance. That’s why we’ve built an international network of certified access control integrators. We call them Channel Partners and they’re the only companies authorised to sell, install and maintain AEOS – our access control system.

Having a network of trusted integration partners means we’re free to focus on developing and manufacturing security products that meet your changing needs. And you get the best of both worlds – advanced products and excellent integration.

Fully trained professionals

To ensure all our Channel Partners provide the level of service we expect, we invest in training and certifying them. And we test them every year so we can check their knowledge is up to date and recertify them.

We have four Channel Partner levels – certified, advanced, expert and alliance. To reach a higher level, integrators must show increased knowledge via our certification tests. And also demonstrate a greater level of access control experience and commitment to AEOS.

Clarity on expertise and experience

This structured model means the level of expertise and experience you can expect from each Channel Partner is very clear. You can also feel comfortable that whoever installs, configures or maintains your AEOS system is trained and certified to the required level.

Excellent support and service

To achieve the best results for you when you buy an AEOS system, we collaborate closely with our Channel Partners. And to help them give you exceptional service, we offer lots of expert support. This includes online access to an extensive range of technical documents and support from certified AEOS engineers.

A worldwide network

Our Channel Partner network is global. So wherever you have an access control project around the world, we’ll connect you with certified partners who know the local language and market. And understand the challenges and opportunities for access control and integrations in that area.

Together with our Global Client Programme, our Channel Partner network enables you to implement a standardised international project rollout.

Freedom to choose and switch

We’re always happy to recommend Channel Partners for your access control projects, but the final choice is yours. Rather than being limited to one supplier, you can meet several Channel Partners to find the best fit for you. Some, for example, focus on a specific market and others have specialist skills. If you choose, you can work with several Channel Partners and benchmark between them.

And if you decide you’d like to change Channel Partners, there’s absolutely no lock-in – you’re free to switch to any other Channel Partner or partners that suit your needs better.

Everyone wins

The result of building a certified Channel partner Framework, and such close relationships with our partners, is we’re confident AEOS is being installed and integrated well. Our Channel Partners know they’re specifying a high-quality product and have a wide variety of technical and commercial support. And you can trust you’re getting an access control system and integration service to give you Security for life – so you’re free to forget about security and make the most of each day.

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The benefits of being a Channel Partner

Our channel partners reap the rewards of being the only integrators we work with – they’re the only businesses authorised to buy, install and maintain AEOS, our access control system. Could you be one of them?

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