AEOS created a new era for security when it became the first software-based system for physical access control. This type of system, which runs on an IP network, has become ever more popular – largely because of the many benefits it offers. Here, we cover the advantages of IP access control systems and how to protect them robustly.


What is IP access control?

IP access control systems use electronic controllers that allow or restrict movement into and out of specified areas, and identify users accurately. The controllers can each support multiple readers so you can build and grow an extensive access control system and unify it across an infinite number of locations.


How is traditional access control different?

The main difference between IP access control and traditional access control is the connection. Traditional systems run on their own network and can only function when linked to a terminal server. Whereas the controllers for an IP access control system like AEOS connect directly to your LAN/WAN over IP (hence the name), just like laptops and printers. The controllers have their own network interface and can operate independently, the direct connection enabling them to track and store the data they need to control entry and exit points.


Advantages of IP access control

Access control systems that connect via IP offer several benefits over more traditional systems. Below are some of the key advantages.

  • Increased flexibility – There’s no limit to the number of IP-based controllers you can use. So you can increase the security or scale of your access control system by adding more controllers, as and when you need to.
  • Easy installation –An IP-based access control system uses your existing IT network, so there’s no need to install additional communication lines. This increases the ease of installation, saving both time and money.
  • Speed – One of the reasons IP access control is so popular is because it’s so efficient and convenient; it can very quickly transmit authorisation details of who’s allowed access where and when.
  • Accuracy – When access control runs over IP, all actions and events are stored centrally and changes are synched instantly. This means your system’s always up to date, so authorisations are accurate and security is high.
  • Valuable data –IP access control systems accrue and organise a huge amount of data you can use for tracking, planning and other business processes. From determining who accessed a specific space when to forecasting how many people will use the onsite restaurant each day.
  • Uses standard hardware – Like other IP-based access control systems, AEOS is powered by specialist software and that’s what determines its functionality. This software can, however, be used with standard security hardware such as card readers. Which makes installation easier and allows you to reuse your existing hardware.


Make sure the protector is protected

For many companies, their security system is now one their most important IT systems. The problem is, they’re often not seen in this way and so the security principles used in IT aren’t always applied to protect IP access control systems. This oversight leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks that can have a dramatic impact.

Fortunately, Nedap has developed a robust end-to-end solution to protect AEOS.


AEOS brings IT best practices to physical security

For end-to-end security, AEOS uses the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication used in IT. This ensures storage in every element of AEOS is secure, as is communication between all elements.

To achieve this, DESFire keys and digital certificates are stored in a Secure Access Module (SAM) inside AEOS door controllers where attackers can’t access them. This leaves card readers with no role in decrypting data, so secure communication between card and controller is guaranteed. And strong authentication of door controllers ensures they can’t be replaced by manipulated versions.

In this way, AEOS end-to-end security offers high levels of protection against both physical and digital threats. It meets a variety of security requirements across Europe and is used to protect critical infrastructures in several countries.


End-to-end security enables central updates

As AEOS’s end-to-end security ensures secure communication between all elements of the system, you can update keys from one central point – there’s no need to physically visit each card reader. And, if keys are compromised somehow, they can be renewed centrally.

If you choose, you can implement end-to-end security measures after your AEOS system has been installed. Your existing AEOS hardware and software is ready to support a full end-to-end security system.


Why staying up to date is crucial

In the IT industry, it’s common practice to upgrade systems as soon as a new version becomes available. In fact, such upgrades are seen as a necessity to ensure security’s maintained and business processes continue to run smoothly.

The same practice is essential for IP access control systems. You need to run the latest version of AEOS software to ensure optimum protection of your system. Nedap offers upgrade assurance so you always have access to the latest software for your system, and the benefits of this are far reaching:

  • Increased security – using the latest version ensures all the features designed to protect your AEOS system are available and functioning properly.
  • Compatibility – maintain on-going compatibility with Microsoft, Java, OpenSSL and more.
  • Technology opportunities – some software updates allow you to take advantage of new AEOS technology partners.
  • Usability – updates not only include new features but enhanced performance.


Harness the power of AEOS

When it comes to IP access control, AEOS has set the bar. Its wide-ranging functionality, open architecture and ease of authorisation management really set it apart. What’s more, you can add built-in intrusion detection functionality, and integrations with best-of-breed third-party products such as video management.

AEOS is designed around people and the challenges they face in their everyday lives. We call this Security for life because it’s about more than technology – it’s about enabling people to forget security and make the most of each day.

Want to share your security challenges with us or find out more about AEOS and access control IP? We’d love to help – get in touch today or explore our other content.

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