End-to-end Security

AEOS with end-to-end security: high-level protection against physical & digital threats

Cyber security is the protection of digital systems such as IT networks, websites and apps to prevent unauthorised access to private information and processes. So why do physical access control systems need to be cyber secure?

end-to-end security

Physical access control – a key part of your IT network

Today, most high-quality access control systems are actually IT systems themselves connected to the wider company network. Without adequate protection, your access control system may be vulnerable to people hacking into it – ­and gaining unauthorised entry to your buildings and data.

Your protector needs protection

The results of someone overriding your physical access control system can be dramatic and can range from data theft to physical theft to terror attacks. All of which can pose a serious threat to business continuity, not to mention the risk of devastating repercussions for the people using your buildings and systems.


Our response to strict European guidelines

To address growing cyber security threats to physical access control systems, many European countries have published new guidelines. We’ve developed a robust response for AEOS access control that exceeds these stringent new standards.

It’s called end-to-end security and it applies IT best practices to physical access control, including:




Strong authentication

Compliant with:
NEN-EN-IEC 60839-11-1

Rijkspas – ANSSI


Regular software updates

Together, they ensure data storage and communication are secure across every element of AEOS.

How AEOS end-to-end security works

Cyber criminals may attack any part of your access control system, physically or digitally. So we’ve considered the complex process each time a card, or other identifier, is presented to a reader. And we’ve secured it end-to-end.

Watch how it works…

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What AEOS end-to-end security means for you

  • High levels of protection against physical and digital threats.
  • Confidence that your system meets strict security requirements across Europe.
  • Updates can be made quickly, easily and centrally, without physically visiting each card reader.
  • Choose your own flexibility within cyber security

Easy to install on existing & new AEOS systems

Whether you already have an AEOS access control system or not, it’s straightforward to implement end-to-end security. Existing AEOS hardware and software are ready to support these crucial new measures.

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