Are you considering how to address the issues of touchpoints and crowding in your buildings in light of the covid-19 pandemic and potential future infections? Do you want to improve the experience of using your buildings for employees, contractors and visitors, particularly by streamlining enrolment and reducing queuing? The answer to these challenges is the growing trend of frictionless access control.


What is frictionless access control?

The idea behind frictionless access control is to:

1.     Control how people move through buildings and spaces – but without them having to touch anything other than physical credentials such as a card or their mobile phone.

2.     Increase the speed at which people can pass through entrances.


How can this be possible?

The key to achieving frictionless access control is choosing the right physical access control system. You need a system that integrates easily with other technologies and offers the flexibility to configure it to your specific needs.

Our AEOS access control system, for example, is built on open standards and so integrates with a wide range of other technologies. We capitalise on this by collaborating with leading manufacturers via our Technology Partner Programme to develop a variety of seamless integrations. This includes contactless biometric readers, such as facial recognition, and mobile credential readers.


Frictionless access control in practice – from pre-enrolment to leaving the building

Frictionless access control can be applied at every step of the journey for the visitors, employees and contractors using your sites. It can be used for all of the following and more:

  • Ensure compliance with company policies before people arrive.
  • Avoid carpark ticket dispensers being touched.
  • Reduce queues in reception and lift lobbies.
  • Improve traffic flow at turnstiles or speed lanes.
  • Avoid internal doors and egress buttons being touched.
  • Ensure people to take a direct or preferred route to hot desks and meeting rooms.

Want to know how frictionless access control can be implemented throughout your sites? Download our whitepaper, which walks you through some of the options for each major touchpoint area.

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