Although the concept of partnerships isn’t new, there’s nothing better than seeing the benefits of strategic partnerships reach our end users. After all, we believe that true security is about people feeling safe without having to think about it. And to develop products and services that achieve that, we want to really understand people – and their needs and wants.

It’s why the teams at Nedap Security Management, Nedap Identification Systems, and Mannai ICT Networking and ELV are working together to host Qatar’s first Nedap Security Forum on May 24th, 2023. The event provides opportunities to have conversations about how we all use technology to create security for life. And this is only possible through the strength of partnerships. The collective expertise, and years of best practices between partners, add value to the people we serve in the organisations we secure.

“We have worked with both Nedap Security Management and Nedap Identification System for many years in the region, with a strong customer base under Nedap-Mannai partnership. And this has given us a clear insight into the emphasis Nedap puts on customer-first innovations and support.”

— Sahayaraj Siluvaipillai, Senior Vice President, Mannai Corporation

Sahayaraj Siluvaipillai, Senior Vice President, Mannai Corporation


Together, we’ll highlight the flexibility and open architecture of AEOS access control platform and mitigating risks associated with obsolete security systems. As you may already know, AEOS goes beyond opening doors and is designed to be the ultimate foundation for a best-of-breed approach to physical access control. This includes the ability to manage your access control and your lockers, all in one system. Our new AEOS locker management solution is the future of secure storage.

“We believe our vision and mission are aligned with those of Mannai Networking and ELV: Providing people-first, innovative next-generation technology solutions for IT infrastructure based on industry best practices.”

— Maarten van Cauwenberghe, Managing Director, Nedap FZE


And this customer-first approach is what we plan to bring to the Nedap Security Forum in Qatar. It will be a unique opportunity to hear from industry leaders on three core topics:

  1. The risks related to obsolete access control systems.
  2. The advantages of an open platform with a best-of-breed approach for physical access control.
  3. Key insights into Automatic Vehicle identification.

So, if you’d like a personal invitation to join on May 24th, then please reach out and start a conversation with our team! We’re looking forward to an unforgettable day together.

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