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6 X faster performance

with Dual Core processor

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Doubling RAM memory capacity

to 1 GB and Flash memory to 8GB

Seamless fit

into existing AEOS infrastructure

Nedap Security Management is proud to announce the sixth generation of AEOS controllers. The new AEOS Blue controller has a faster processor and significantly increases both RAM and Flash memory.  This means that Nedap AEOS users will be ready for the future again, since this new controller is easy to implement and compatible with existing installations*

“Our clients oftentimes have large installations. Their business continuity is something we kept in mind while developing this controller. The increased performance means minimum downtime while performing a system or security update “,  Bob Dijkman AEOS Product Lead.

Not only does this controller deliver a stunning performance, it also seamlessly fits into existing AEOS infrastructure—allowing our clients to significantly extend the lifespan of their access control system. There clear benefits to investing into the lifespan of existing infrastructure and making it more powerful at the same time: It’s a sustainable way to help our clients to minimize their capital expenditure investments by adding power for future integrations and features.


AX8010 AEOS Blue Controller

*Compatible with AEOS versions 2019.1 or higher 

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