About G10

Managing visitors is the core business of G10 B.V., since more then 20 years.We control the entire routing of visitors on the premises, in complex situations and with multiple companies on site. It’s possible to differentiate between multiple visitor categories, such as regular visitors, suppliers and contractors.

Integrating G10 with AEOS

The interface between AEOS and G10’s visitor management software GIO enables access to all our web-based visitor management options, but can also be installed locallly.

  • *Pre-registration
    Company employees can pre-register visitors, who then automatically will receive the appointmentdetails by e-mail, including safety instructions.
  • * Multiple front-desk solutions
    Choice between a manned, unmanned or virtual front-desk solution. At arrival of the visitor, the host will be informed by e-mail, text message or phone call.
  • * Safety
    If desired, visitors can be tested on their understanding of the house- and safety rules before access is granted.
  • *Identification
    Check a visitor’s identity using an ID-checker, biometric, PO number or QR code.
Solution name GuestManager©
Compatible with AEOS version 3.2 or higher
Solution availability Eastern-Europe, Northern Europe, Southern-Europe, Western-Europe, North America
Product languages Dutch, English, French, German,

Other: GIO standard languages are Dutch and/ or English. Other languages can be added on request.


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For more information contact G10 or visit their website.

E-mail Phone number: (+31) (0)75-640 35 35

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