Our AEOS Access Control is CPNI-certified. But what does this mean and should you consider a CPNI-certified access control system for your organisation?

What is CPNI?

CPNI stands for Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and is the United Kingdom government authority that provides protective security advice to businesses and organisations across the national infrastructure.

Their advice aims to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure to threats like terrorism, by keeping the UK’s essential services safe. By essential services, we mean emergency services, communications, energy, finance, food, government, healthcare, transport and water sectors. Without these services, the UK could have serious consequences, including severe economic damage, severe social disruption, or even massive loss of life. CPNI advice focuses primarily on the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) – those key elements of the national infrastructure that are critical to the continued delivery of essential services to the UK.


Why do you need CPNI approved physical security?

UK sites classified as critical infrastructure, where deep encryption standards are paramount, can deploy the approved physical security. A CPNI-certified automatic access control system has an intrinsic level of protection that is obtained as a result of an assurance process.

CPNI evaluates both systems and components for inclusion in the Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE). Two CPNI classification systems, Class Rating and Protection Level are used depending on the nature of the asset and the threat. Assets can contain people, buildings, equipment or information.

Why select AEOS when choosing a CPNI approved access control system?

The key benefits of choosing AEOS access control:

  • AEOS is already a GOVPASS certified access control system (more info on GOVPASS found here).
  • An extensive network of certified partners to support the implementation and maintenance of AEOS systems
  • Highly scalable: With AEOS, you can expand gradually with different integrations. The architecture is designed to scale with your organisation’s needs.
  • Always up-to-date: AEOS software updates ensure support for the latest technologies, features, and security.
  • End-to-end physical access control solution from the door to the server cluster, for optimal cybersecurity.
Authorisations based on body temperature

Need to secure a risk-critical site in the UK?

AEOS allows you to integrate systems such as video management systems, biometrics, elevators, key cabinets, PSIM and wireless locks.

Equipment tested:

  • AEOS central server application software
  • AEOS Blue Door Controller (module)
  • AEOS Blue I/O Interface (module)
  • SAM for AEOS Blue door controller
  • Invexs card reader with keypad and screen
  • Invexs card reader with keypad
  • Convexs card reader

Speak to Michael Lee, expert about CPNI Compliance.