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Cybersecurity credentials for AEOS (the physical access control system developed by Nedap) have reached new heights. AEOS has become only the third access control system to be awarded CAPSS certification from the UK’s National Protective Security Authority (NPSA). CAPSS stands for Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems. And, to achieve this stringent standard, systems and their components must withstand rigorous testing.

This latest assurance of cybersecurity comes on the back of AEOS achieving the NPSA’s AACS certification in 2021. And AEOS is now one of only two access control systems in the CAPSS and AACS categories of the NPSA’s Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE).

Why physical security must be cybersecure

Today, there’s an ever-increasing risk of physical security systems being compromised by cyberattacks. For organisations essential to national infrastructure, such as emergency services, food and utilities, the fallout if this does happen can be disastrous. And can include severe economic damage, social disruption and even death.

And it’s not just government departments and critical industries that need to take cybersecurity seriously. The results of a hacker overriding physical security to gain entry can include theft, damage, tampering, stolen data, terrorism, reputational damage and more. All of which could significantly affect business continuity.

How CAPSS makes a crucial difference

CAPSS is designed to help security managers:

  • Focus on the elements that matter most to protect against cyberattacks on physical security.
  • Feel confident the software and hardware components of their physical security systems (or the ones they’re considering buying) can mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.

For developers and manufacturers, the CAPSS standard guides design, testing and deployment. And ensures products are reliably robust because:

  • Security is embedded into product design.
  • Products are rigorously tested and verified to check they function in a secure way.
  • Deployment is based on best practice – because even the best products can create cybersecurity weaknesses if deployed insecurely.

Where to find approved systems

CAPSS-certified systems and products, like AEOS, are entered into the NPSA Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE). This gives details of all core and peripheral components – both hardware and software – that have been evaluated and tested and meet the strict design and performance criteria.

Products with a CAPSS trademark are re-evaluated every two years to ensure they still make the grade.

Why choose AEOS when selecting a CAPSS-assured access control system?

AEOS’s CAPSS certification is just one of many characteristics that make it a safe, smart choice for access control – whatever level of security you need.

AEOS is:

  • End-to-end secure for optimal cybersecurity – from the card reader to the server.
  • Always up to date – AEOS software updates ensure support for the latest technologies, features and security.
  • GOVPASS approved.
  • Highly scalable and based on open standards, allowing you to expand gradually and add many integrations.
  • Supported by an extensive network of certified partners for secure implementation and maintenance.

Want help increasing cybersecurity for your physical security? We’re here to have those conversations – just get in touch.

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