When it comes to access control suppliers, we believe that offering high quality products is only the beginning of the story. It’s crucial that this quality follows through in the design, implementation and maintenance of the system. That’s why we’ve built an international network of certified access control installers that we call channel partners. Only these companies are authorised to buy, install and maintain AEOS – the access control system we’ve developed and work hard to constantly improve.

We work with a certified partner model, this makes sure that a professional installs and configurates the system. Trained engineers work on the systems and they are recertified on a yearly basis. We provide you with a choice of partner, you can switch partners whenever you like and there is no lock in. Our worldwide network of partners can help you with your projects around the globe.


A supportive relationship

Our channel partners are all security integrators with proven experience in access control projects. We see them as valuable partners who we collaborate closely with to achieve strong results for them, for us and, most importantly, for our end customers.

It’s a relationship built on fairness, transparency and trust, with knowledgeable support provided at every stage. To reward our channel partners for their commitment, we offer plenty of scope to deepen our relationship and take advantage of attractive proposals. And we create extra value for them by generating demand through direct contact with selected consultants and customers.

Progressive access control training

For our partners we provide the AEOS Academy. It offers a full range of access control training courses tailored to the participants’ knowledge level – from entry to expert level. Our modular training programme for channel partners features digital learning, classroom courses and more. Partners can start building AEOS knowledge by following our basic certification course and then extend it with our advanced modules.

Everyone wins

The result of building a structured framework and such close relationships with our partners is that we’re confident AEOS is being installed well. Our channel partners know they’re specifying a high-quality product and have a wide variety of commercial support. And our end customers can trust they’re getting an access control system that’s right for them and that they can rely on.

Rising channel partner levels offer opportunities for all

By creating varying levels for channel partners, we enable businesses to make the level of commitment that’s right for them. And, in turn, earn appropriate rewards and benefits.

Our four channel partner levels are:

  • Certified Partner
    A Certified Partner has a basic technical knowledge of AEOS access control products and is accredited to provide, sell, install, commission and service AEOS products.
  • Advanced partner
    An Advanced Partner builds on the Certified Partner qualifications and is able to create additional value for customers with AEOS products. Through our AEOS Academy training programme, they’ve gained knowledge of additional topics. So they can offer, for example, more sophisticated access control solutions or apply video and intrusion functionality in an AEOS system.
  • Expert PartnerAn Expert Partner builds on the Advanced Partner qualifications and has extensive knowledge of AEOS products. The value Expert Partners offer end customers is of the highest level. In addition, Expert Partners have significant experience with AEOS projects, demonstrated by a minimum annual purchase value of AEOS products. Which means end customers can rely on their proven expertise.
  • Alliance partner
    An Alliance Partner builds further on the Expert Partner qualifications. They also guarantee end customers a seamless collaboration with Nedap by selling AEOS as the sole access control product in their portfolio. An Alliance Partner underlines their commitment by being largely dependent on the sale of AEOS products in their operation.

We believe that successful security solutions aren’t created by products alone, which is why we collaborate so closely with our channel partners. It’s an approach based on fairness and openness, because we believe strong partnerships are built on trust.

We’ve built an international network of certified integrators, and only these businesses – our channel partners – are authorised to buy, install and maintain AEOS systems. They’re all experienced in access control projects, and choose to sell, install, commission and service AEOS installations autonomously. For our part, we’re committed to promoting, selling and maintaining AEOS products and working with our channel partners to strengthen our mutual market positions.

To foster beneficial collaborations and ensure transparency in our network, we have various channel partner levels as mentioned before. They’re mainly based on the partner’s product knowledge, which enables them to unlock the huge potential of AEOS’s functionalities.

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a Nedap channel partner, get in touch today. Do you have a security challenge you would like to share with us or are you ready to buy? Find all the information you need on our how to buy page.

Frequently asked questions

At a very basic level, access control is a means of controlling who enters a location and when. The person entering may be an employee, a contractor or a visitor and they may be on foot, driving a vehicle or using another mode of transport. The location they’re entering may be, for example, a site, a building, a room or a cabinet. We tend to call it physical access control to differentiate it from access control that prevents people from entering virtual spaces – for example when logging into a computer network.

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If you decide to use an access control system, it’s probably because you want to secure the physical access to your buildings or sites to protect your people, places and possessions. That’s just the start for access control systems though. The right system, used well, can add value in a range of ways. You can use it, and the data it generates, to boost not just security but productivity, creativity and performance.

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Today, physical security is about so much more than locks and bolts. Many modern physical access control systems are IP-based, powered by smart software and able to process large quantities of data. This provides more functionality, flexibility, scalability and opportunities for integration. It also means they’re part of your IT network, so it’s essential they’re protected and upgraded – just like your other IT systems.

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From our perspective, a centralised access control system is always preferable – whether you have just two locations in the same town or hundreds spread around the world. Centralising your access control brings a range of far-reaching benefits.

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For the people using your building, biometrics can give a better experience compared to an access badge. These days, biometrics are used for both identification and verification – sometimes even both at the same time. Being allowed to enter your building just by scanning your hand or face makes access control more convenient than ever.

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Mechanical keys are the simplest form of physical access control and the method many smaller organisations use. Even for a small company, however, using mechanical keys has several flaws and limitations – especially as an organisation gets bigger. Below are just some of the problems presented by using keys.

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