It goes without saying that you know your organisation, you understand your security needs and you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your business. But are you 100% sure you’ve got everything covered?

The security world has become highly sophisticated, significantly increasing the demands on your security team. You’re expected to protect primary business processes, provide hospitality support, perform risk assessments and address compliancy. While also tracking modifications to building and employee statuses and implementing security systems and procedures.

Identify and highlight issues

Often, potential issues with physical security can be identified quickly. And there are many simple improvements that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your security systems and processes.

Although some issues are easy to spot, others need an expert eye. Many, for example, require analysis that involves specialist metrics such as least privilege scoring, application of separation of duties or compliance verification.

Clear reporting

A regular health check is crucial to help ensure your physical access control system is effective and keep it that way. But you need clarity on the steps to take to address any problems. Our health check report is designed for C-level executives such as CSOs and provides transparency for your physical security environment.

Health Check