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Now governments are slowly starting to relax drastic lockdown measures, we, as facility and security managers, need to anticipate the 2-metre economy. How can we start welcoming colleagues, visitors and contractors to our premises in a safe but friendly way? 

An access control system, such as AEOS, can help with this. You can, for example, use people-counting and reporting features to control the maximum number of people in your building or on specific floors or even rooms. You may, for instance, have calculated that in this new reality a specific floor can facilitate 50 workspaces instead of the usual 120. With a people-counting feature, you can monitor the occupancy rate to ensure no more than 50 people are on that floor at any one time. You can even set an alert when you almost reach the maximum number allowed. Or you can automatically disable card readers until the maximum number of people on the floor is below your policy threshold.

Since AEOS is an open platform, reporting tools like Power Bi or Jasper Reports can be used to check whether your new policy is implemented and upheld across all sites.

One way access

One-direction mode

AEOS Locker management module

Maybe you want to control the people flow in your building? Previously, everybody could use all entrances, but now you want to use one door for people entering and another for people exiting. This lets you ensure people don’t have to cross paths unnecessarily in a narrow corridor for example.

A modern access control system lets you easily reconfigure your card readers into a one-direction mode temporarily, without you having to physically change the wiring. When the situation changes, you can easily switch back to your previous settings.

For organisations using lockers extensively, such as hospitals or offices with agile workspaces, AEOS’s locker management module lets you configure a 2-metre pattern. You can block one or two lockers in between every usable locker to ensure plenty of space for guests or colleagues. In this way, you can enable the use of lockers and help to create a safe working environment – without people even noticing a change.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to know more about how access control can help you prepare for the new 2-metre reality. And why not read more about AEOS’s useful features or locker management?

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