Physical Access Control for Education

Managing access for an educational institution can be incredibly complex and time consuming. Increasing threats mean that stringent security measures are essential. But you also want to maintain convenience and a welcoming sense of freedom across a wide range of spaces with differing security needs.  

Added to this is the fact you need to enrol and unenrol hundreds or even thousands of people each year. And any oversights or errors can present serious risks. 

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Typical access control needs

  • Ability to cope with high volumes of complex authorisations.
  • Flexible security levels for different people, places and scenarios.
  • A system that’s easy to use and integrate with other systems.
  • Centralised control and automatic authorisation management.
  • Advanced functionalities such as predefined security-level settings.

Key access control challenges for the education sector

Marrying high security with ease of use

Although you need high security levels for some spaces, you need to vary protection according to each zone, building, room or cabinet. And you need to set different permissions for several groups, including students from different years and courses, staff, contractors and visitors. Plus, many of these permissions change each year.

To avoid inconvenience, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities, you need a system that can manage this complexity centrally and is easy for everyone to use. From your security team to cardholders themselves. And you need authorisations to update and revoke automatically, without having to recall or reissue cards.


Multiple integrations needed

To help increase security and simply your workload, you also want your access control to integrate easily with other systems, including CCTV, intrusion detection, building management and locker management. You want your access control system to link to your administrative database too. So you can import data, instead of entering it manually, and set access rights to change automatically when a cardholder’s situation changes.

Instead of staff and students carrying multiple cards, and you wrangling several platforms and complex key management, you want everyone to use one card for a variety of functions. Not just to access zones and rooms, but for lockers, printing, photocopying, vending, catering, sports centre membership and more.


Flexibility and futureproofing

To ensure watertight security, you need the flexibility to control access according to factors such as job roles, departments, days, times and locations.

And, as access control is a significant investment, you want to be sure your system can adapt and extend to continue meeting your changing needs and risks in the long-term. Because who knows what the future will hold?

How AEOS helps you meet these challenges

Highly secure yet easy to use

  • Manage complex access rights and authorisations quickly, easily and securely.
  • Predefine access modes for an unlimited variety of scenarios and switch to the one you need in seconds.
  • Grant authorisations to people, not badges, for increased security and simplified management.
  • Easy to use for everyone, including security managers, receptionists, guards and cardholders.

Integrates easily

  • Integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure and third-party systems, including visitor management, CCTV, intruder detection, fire alarms, biometric identification and more.
  • Enables dynamic locker management with no keys.
  • People can use just one card for access and many other functions.
  • Links to your administrative database to simplify your workload and increase accuracy.

Flexible for long-term value

  • Highly adaptable, both functionally and operationally, to meet your changing needs and risks.
  • Control access automatically according to a wide range of factors.
  • Continue using your existing hardware, infrastructure and systems.
  • Software updates provide support for the latest technologies, features and security.
  • Valuable reporting helps you improve efficiency, spot emerging trends and make better use of your sites.

Centralised control

Control access rights remotely and monitor all locations centrally.

Scale at your pace

A fully scalable system, it’s easy to add new locations, doors and users.


Secured by the highest standards to protect your access control from the impact of cyberattacks.

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