Physical access control for real estate & commercial property

When you own a commercial building with multiple tenants, access control can be a challenge. How do you meet each tenants’ needs, and give them the autonomy to manage their own access control, while maintaining overall control? How can you ensure an efficient but welcoming reception area and the right levels of security throughout? And how can you adapt to future needs and changes?  

Typical access control needs

  • Suitable for multi-tenant use and capable of separating landlord and tenant systems.
  • Integrates easily with other technologies, including lift control and visitor management.
  • Easy to use and increases efficiency while minimising risk.
  • Flexible security levels for different people and scenarios.
  • A futureproof, cybersecure system that scales up easily.

Key access control challenges for commercial property landlords

Flexibility for now and the future

If you have multiple tenants in one building, you need an access control system with the flexibility to accommodate this. Tenants must be able to use their identifier technologies of choice and adapt the system for their use. And you must be able to partition the system so that you, as a landlord, and your tenants each have private control of your section. You also need to be able to scale your system easily, as you lease more floor space, and adapt it to your future needs. And you need an open platform that integrates with lifts, lockers, visitor management, video surveillance, biometric identification, license plate recognition and more.


Ensure the right levels of safety and security

As a landlord, it’s critical you ensure your buildings are safe and secure for everyone using them. You need a system that quickly manages complex access rights and can monitor and control every movement. You need to track how the system’s being used, and may need to control traffic flow and occupancy levels in some spaces and enforce actions such as hand sanitising before entry. And your system must be able to support a safe, swift evacuation if there’s an emergency.


Access control that’s easy for everyone to use

Despite needing high levels of safety and security, you also want your buildings to offer a warm welcome and for it to be convenient for people to move through them. With so many different people operating and using your access control system it needs to be easy for everyone. You want cardholders to be able to use one card for everything. And you want receptionists, guards and security managers to be able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

How AEOS helps you meet your challenges


Very flexible and easy to adapt

  • Easily accommodates multi-tenant access control.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure and third-party systems such as visitor management, lift control, intruder alarms, fire detection, building management systems and more.
  • Use multiple types of identifiers and your choice of readers and other hardware.
  • Control access for vehicles as well as people.
  • Manage lockers dynamically.
  • Futureproof – extend and adapt your system according to your current and future needs.

Highly safe and secure 

  • Manage complex access rights and authorisations quickly, easily and securely.
  • Monitor and control where people are at any time and how your system is being used.
  • Ensure full control of traffic flow, even when there are large volumes of people.
  • Control occupancy by allowing a maximum number of people in a certain area.
  • Options for touchless access control and enforced hand sanitising to reduce the spread of infection.

Easy to use

  • Intelligent and intuitive – designed around the people using it and authorises people, not badges.
  • Quickly enrol people and issue their ID for a warm, efficient welcome, despite high levels of security.
  • Easy for everyone, including cardholders, receptions, guards and security managers, to enable increased productivity and convenience.
  • Use one identifier for everything at every location – from door access to cashless catering.
  • Allow each user to tailor their access management interface to suit their role and preferences.
  • Expert technical support from Nedap’s certified channel partners.

Remote, centralised control

Manage access online, via any device, and take centralised control.

Scale gradually

A fully scalable system, it’s easy to add new locations, zones, doors and users.


Secured by the highest standards to protect your access control from the impact of cyberattacks.

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