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At Nedap, we understand the diverse needs of modern organisations. That’s why we offer different solutions to meet your unique access control requirements. Benefit from our 46 years of dedicated experience and make access management a seamless process. Explore our product range today to find the perfect fit for your organisation.



The gold standard in high-security access control

Created with high-security requirements in mind, AEOS is designed for critical infrastructure organisations that demand top-tier security.

On-premises solution
Rich set of 3rd party integrations
Advanced features and customisations
ANSSI, NPSA, CPNI, CAPSS certified, BSI recognized
Native locker management & intrusion detection
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Access AtWork®

Simplifying access control for professionals

With its unique authorisation model, our subscription-based Access AtWork® enables all types of organisations to set up and manage access control with unparalleled ease.

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
Cloud-native software
Reality-based & context-driven model
Flexible & scalable
Monthly subscription
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Find the right access control system for you

An access control system is a significant long-term investment but one that, chosen well, can give a host of valuable benefits. We recommend taking it step-by-step to select an access control system that will keep pace with your company for the next ten years.

5 Steps to access control
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“AEOS’s adaptability and Nedap’s cost-efficient business model align with Unilever’s global needs, enabling future platform expansion.”

To increase efficiency, Unilever was moving from local processes to unified global operations and wanted a new access control system for its sites around the world…

Global Facilities Director
Unilever gebouw London

“AEOS’s encryption provided unmatched security, ensuring scalability, centralization of administration, and cost savings.”

BNP Paribas replaced its existing system with AEOS at both its head office and other nearby locations. Elegant door handles contain a long distance card reader so people don’t realise they’re entering a high-security area…

Security Manager
BNP Paribas

“AEOS’s integration with multiple systems have significantly streamlined management, boosting security, and efficiency.”

Saudi Aramco’s digital transformation with Nedap unifies all locations on an integrated system, leveraging secure network connections and integrations with uPass Reach, SAP, biometric security, and the Milestone video management system…

ME_Junaid Ul-Haq
Junaid Ul Haq - Senior Sales Manager
Saudi Aramco